Who we are?

We're a bit Italian, a bit Dutch. It's a hard to say where one ends and the other begins. What we agree on is our passion for family. Not because our founding values are born from it, but because we are a family business serving families. It has been a part of our DNA since day 1.

We are GARCIA. We make clothing for the entire family! For Men, Women and Kids. 


Our Story starts in Italy. It's 1972. Maurizio and Isabella open one of the very first Denim factories in Urbania, later known as the valley of jeans. Passion for craftmanship and beautiful jeans comes to life when Maurizio decides to name the brand after the love of his life, Isabella Garcia. A brand is born.

In 1985 misfortune strikes the small factory. To avoid the loss of his many patterns and denim archives, Maurizio decides to hand over these to his loyal customer and friend from the Netherlands, who firmly promises to uphold the brand legacy. 

Today, this coming together of Italian passion and finesse, with a typically Dutch entrepreneurial design, remains key to the fashion brand with a denim heart. 


GARCIA nowadays has over 200 employees across Europe.  In 2018, GARCIA was sold in 35 countries, with an estimated turnover of 110 million euros and with the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) as it’s biggest market

GARCIA's head office is located in Ablasserdam (near Rotterdam, the Netherlands).


It’s our view on creativity, product, business and life in general. Approaching every aspect with enthusiasm and energy. 


We are open to the world in all it’s diversity. Welcome and kindness are our natural instincts. Everyone we connect with we consider as our family: employees, partners and our customers alike.

The clothes you wear should not just feel good. Relaxed, comfortable and confident. 

We believe that we can achieve more as a collective than as an inidividual. We treat our staff, customers and business partners as family, and believe in mutual respect and collaboration. 

Why work for GARCIA?

  • Development
    You get the opportunity to learn, grow and develop your talent both personally and professionally. Your growth is our growth! You are not restrained to one fixed path.
  • Flexibility
    Flexible working hours, opportunities to work from home, a 38-hour workweek.
  • We take care of you!
    We offer interesting additional benefits such as a provided healthy lunch, pension scheme, insurances, competitive salary, attractive clothing discount etc.
  • Family
    We’re a family-business serving families. When you work with us you become part of our very own GARCIA family.
  • Responsibility
    Are you ready to take some responsibility? We hired you for your expertise, so we have trust in your decisions.
  • No Hierarchy
    At GARCIA you work as a team, where no hierarchical system should be in the way. If you have a great idea, you share!

''We want to make items you want to grab every morning and know will look great.''

Mark Hommelberg


GARCIA is part of the JOG group. JOG stands for Jeans Centre, GARCIA Outlets and GARCIA. These are three separate companies which are housed in one holding and work together in the best possible way. The retail organization is formed by Jeans Centre and GARCIA Outlets, GARCIA is known as a Wholesale Company.