We’ve known right from the start, that it takes two to make things better.

Our partnership in life was also strengthened by our passion for jeans and fashion.

That same passion connected us with our friends across the borders.

And when there is a common passion, you speak the same language, share the same vision and become one family.


We create products that make people everywhere look and feel good everyday.

After all, they are part of our great extended family of friends, consumers and partners,

and they deserve no less.

We are open to the world and its diversity, and though we will be imperfect at times, that’s what gives us our personality.

We venture forward in creativity with enthusiasm and energy.

And as a family, we respect, encourage and surprise each other to exceed expectations… especially our own.

We are GARCIA,

And we believe life is made better together.

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''We want to make items you want to grab every morning and know will look great.''

Mark Hommelberg


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